Changes and problems

Financial difficulties or generational changes? We are here to help your business in times of change and problems!

In the company's challenging upheavals, we offer the entrepreneur personal and confidential consulting. We are looking for a new direction for your company's operations and possible solution options. We help the entrepreneur to map the overall situation of the company and different options for progress. Don't be left alone in the middle of problems, contact Yrityskonsultit!

The result and goals of a merger are often to increase turnover, increase market share, and increase operational efficiency, for example through economies of scale. In a merger, overlapping functions can be eliminated, for example in administration (merging marketing departments, and as a result, staff can be reduced and savings can be achieved). The merger may also result in dynamic synergies aimed at, for example, higher growth.

The process of selling a company is usually about 10 months long, but often it stretches to over a year. Often the acquisition fails or the company just goes out of business. It is a good idea to discuss this with a consultant, as expertise can speed up the process considerably. Before putting up for sale, many companies have a lot of work to do that speeds up and secures the transaction itself but takes its own time. Let us help you in this process.

A well-designed valuation of a company creates a solid foundation for acquisitions. In practice, the value of small and medium-sized enterprises is defined in two ways; the return value of the company and the value of the company's debt-free assets, ie the net asset value. It is a good idea to seek expert help to determine the value of a company.

Generational change is a topical issue for many companies as large age groups retire. There are several pitfalls related to taxation, company law and inheritance law and it is good to be aware of them before starting the process. Yrityskonsultit will help you in the midst of this change.

Would there be a demand for the product or service you manufacture abroad, would it make sense to subcontract outside your home country, or do you want to import products from abroad for use in Finland? Yrityskonsultit are part of the Inpact Global alliance, through which contacts with foreign markets are reliable and valued. The consultants also have strong expertise and contact networks in the Estonian, Russian and Swedish markets.

In the growth phase, a company needs a clear plan on how to manage growth. The company's capacity and labour availability must be responded to quickly but with accurate calculations. Yrityskonsultit can help your company with its strategy.