Auditing services

We offer the entrepreneur high-quality auditing services with professionalism.

Our experienced auditors handle assignments confidentially in accordance with industry standards and guidelines. We work with the utmost care and diligence in our work so that we can produce the best possible result. Personal service is important to us so that we can ascertain the client's wishes and needs in connection with audit services.

The statutory audit verifies the accuracy and legality of the financial information presented in the company's financial statements. A high-quality audit reduces business risks by identifying errors and improving the company's future performance.

The main difference between an audit and a general audit is the level of assurance they provide. The assurance provided by a general audit is limited compared to an audit. However, it may be sufficient from the point of view of owners and other stakeholders in the case of a micro or small enterprise.

A special audit provides an impartial view of an external party on conflicting or otherwise needs clarification. At its best, a special inspection ordered by a regional government authority safeguards, inter alia, the position of a minority shareholder, as it provides the minority shareholder with information about the company that he would not otherwise receive.

If necessary, Yrityskonsultit check, among other things, the type, number and validity of the permit.