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Do you need comprehensive financial management consulting?

Business Consultants is a company that offers comprehensive financial management consulting for your needs. We help your business thrive at every stage of your business by providing help and support to your financial management through reports, predictions and metrics. Business consultants handle assignments efficiently, as we have experience and understanding of business development and financial management. We are your number one partner in the internationalization of your business, as Business Consultants has extensive foreign networks and strong expertise in the Estonian, Russian and Swedish markets. Through us, you also get comprehensive auditing services for your company.

At what stage in the life cycle of your business can we help you?


  • Choosing a company form
  • Making a business plan
  • Managing fundings
  • Permits and notifications
  • Accounting and invoicing matters
  • Tax advice

  • Investment planning and financing
  • Competitor analyzes
  • Internationalization
  • Cost-effective growth
  • Strategic planning
  • Key figure analyzes

  • Corporate marges
  • Acquisition
  • Determining the value of a company
  • Fusion
  • Generational change
  • Termination of the company

  • Changes in the market situation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Budgeting
  • Tendering and obtaining insurance
  • Tax advice
  • Strategic planning


  • Statutory audits
  • General inspections
  • Special inspections and statements based on the Limited Companies Act
  • Inspections of traffic licenses
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff makes sure that you can focus on the core business of your company. We understand the different stages of a company’s development and the fact that during each of these stages, the company needs personalized consulting. We only bill according to the services you use and all our operations are made transparent to the customer through active communication. We provide consistent guidance for every stage of your company's life cycle!

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    We handle each consultation case individually and tailored to customers needs.


    All our operations are 100% transparent to our customers. No hidden costs!


    Business Consultants consist of experts specializing in the business world.

    Do you want professional consulting to support your business?

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