Starting and ending

We provide the best possible advice for your business, whether you are starting up or closing down.

The decision to start a business is a huge step, and one that should not be taken without a support network. The steps involved in setting up a business depend on the type of company form chosen, the type and scale of the business and other factors. Sometimes it is time to wind up the business or sell it on, and this process also involves a lot of bureaucracy and should be handled by a professional. On this page, we have compiled a list of topics that are relevant to the start-up and winding-up of a business. Our business consultants are here to support you in these and many other situations.

Paperwork and registration

Before registering your company and starting your business, you need to make sure you know what permits you need. New entrepreneurs should remember the tax returns they have to make. Business consultants will help your start-up business to file the necessary declarations and obtain the necessary permits for your activities. The establishment of the company is notified to the Tax Administration and the Trade Register. Depending on the type of company, this can be done either electronically or on a form. Certain attachments are required for the notifications.


Sufficient insurance cover is essential from the moment you start your business. It is often difficult to know which insurance policies are compulsory and which are optional. We can help you choose the insurance that is essential for your business and work with you to sort out the other insurance needs.

Choosing a company form

The form of the company will determine a lot about how the future company will operate. When choosing a business form, it is worth considering, among other things, whether the business will expand. Who will be responsible for the company's finances, even in a downturn? Do I want to hold all the reins, work with a partner or offer parts of the business in return for financing in the form of shares or stakes? The choice of company form also affects the practicalities of setting up a business.

Tax advice

When setting up a business, it is important to understand the tax issues that come with your industry and your type of company. How much tax do you pay? How will you raise revenue from the business? Which activities are subject to VAT? Business consultants can help you with your tax affairs.


A budget is a monetary, target-based plan of action for a company. Business requires planning, and budgeting is one of its most important tools. A well-planned budget provides the company with the information it needs to plan for the future.

Key figure analyzes

Business consultants can help you understand your company's key financial indicators, their strengths and weaknesses. We help you understand your financial risks and how to prevent them from materialising in the current business cycle.

Investment planning and financing

For a growing business, forward planning of investments and financing is a tool for assessing risks. When risks can be measured, they can be better managed. The size of the financing needs is one factor that influences the choice of the available financing solution. When planning for growth, it is also important to consider the adequacy of cash resources.

Competitor analyzes

It is important for a company to understand its own business environment. The competitor analysis is part of the business environment analysis. It can help you to understand the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors' strategies and use the information to support your own business. We can help your company conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis to accelerate your business.

Termination of the company

Thousands of companies are closed down in Finland every year. New business may not always take off, the entrepreneur's life situation changes, people go into paid employment, or there is no successor to a long-established company. Closing a business involves a number of things to take care of that we can help you understand and manage.

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